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Internet monitoring software for parentsAre you trying to figure out what your kids are doing on the computer when you are at work or on a business trip?  Many parents are.  As technology gets embedded more and more into our lives our kids are online ALL THE TIME.  But how can you know what they are doing?

I mean what kinds of YouTube videos are they watch?  Who are they chatting with?  what are they saying to other kids in online game?  Are they being cyberbullied?

You probably have these questions.  I know I do.

I recently looked into software that would let me know what my kids are doing when I am not around.  I was pretty please to find one such software called PC Tattletale.  What is it?  Well it is home internet monitoring software that lets you see what your kids have done on the computer in a simple DVR style recording format.

Here is a great video you watch on YouTube to see exactly how it works.  If you can’t see the video you can find it here.  It is called PC Surveillance and Internet Monitoring Software PC Tattletale.  Great video indeed.

Here it is for you:


Now after you watch the video you can just head on over to PC Tattletale get a free download of their internet monitoring software.  You can use it for 7 days to see what your kids are doing online.  Check out.  You really have nothing to loose.

Keep in mind that Cyberbullying is at an all time high.  Your kids will not tell you if they are being cyberbullied.  You will only know that they are acting strange, sad, or even worse very depressed.  Take this stuff seriously because it is a big deal.

Go grab your download now and watch what your children are doing online.  You will be glad you did once you hear from other parents about the problems they are having with their children online.


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